Wir sind stolz euch anzukündigen, dass unser neustes Werk "Ad Infinitum" am 11.9.20 auf Fastball Music veröffentlicht wird. Co-Produziert von Rolf Munkes (u.a. Crematory) Mixing und Mastering Thomas Plec Johansson(u.a. Nocturnal Rites, H.E.A.T, Gathering of Kings,NFO etc.). Wir freuen uns darauf euch ein sehr abwechslungsreiches Album zu präsentieren. Alte Trademarks treffen auf neue Härte. Eingängige Melodien auf Nackenbrecher mit Hühnerhaut Garantie für jeden Metalfan.

Kurz gesagt:“another bang for your buck!“


We are proud to announce that our latest work "Ad Infinitum" will be published on September 11th, 20 on Fastball Music. Co-produced by Rolf Munkes (Crematory) Mixing and Mastering Thomas Plec Johansson (Nocturnal Rites, H.E.A.T, Gathering of Kings,NFO etc.). We look forward to presenting you a very varied album. Old trademarks meet new toughness. Catchy melodies on neckbreaker with goosebum guarantee for every metal-fan.

In short: another bang for your buck.


Moving pictures 2
Day 2 of shooting in the Hotel Meilenstein in Langenthal.
After we shot the video for "what I'm made of" yesterday, today is the turn to "Something".
We also got female reinforcements for this song.
Update follows ....

8.02 2020

Moving pictures
News from the CROWN OF GLORY camp.
In order to present the new songs to you within a reasonable framework, we are shooting two video clips for you this weekend.
Today for the song "What I'm Made of" and tomorrow for "Something".
To add to the value of the whole thing, we invited two guests ... More will not be revealed yet.

20.01 .2020

Ready for mixing and mastering

We finished editing the new album at the Empire Studios in Bensheim last Friday. Thanks again to Rolf Munkes for the great, uncomplicated and extremely successful cooperation. It was a lot of fun. In the next few days we will hand over the songs to Thomas Plec Johansson at The Panic Room Studios in Sweden for the mix and mastering process. In the Panic Room Studios, albums by Nocturnal Rites, Soilwork, Narnia and Night Flight Orchestra have been mixed and / or mastered in the past 2-3 years. We are really excited to see how the songs develop under Thomas's hands. We'll keep you up to date.


I think I hear voices!
Some weeks have gone by since our last Studio Update. We haven't spent our time idly. The gig on the rock night Tennwil as support of Heat and the Gig in Kreuz Obermarchtal, in the lap of the "Crew of Glory" as support of "Jaded Heart" were awesome!
In between, Hene has barricaded himself with Jean Marc Viller in the "Frantic Ville Studio" in Winznau to record the lead and backing vocals.
Spontaneously we were able to win a female power voice for a duet and some backings ... we do not want to tell you more for now.....


“Two are better than one”
Guitar recordings day 5, rhythm guitar tracks done!
Thursday Kusi joined us at the Empire Studios to record his guitar tracks. After 5 days of intense work, we have to take a little break for the weekend because Mr. Munkes is playing a show with “Crematory” at Wacken tonight!
We are looking forward to next week. Oli and Jonas are entering the studio to record their Key and Bass tracks
You see, that thing is taking shape!! We are very happy the way things are going so far, and there are more things to come.
So stay tuned!


Guitar recordings day 3
Supervisory and control visit at the Empire Studios confirms our view. It sounds badass !!!
Hungi and Rolf are doing a great job.
7 Songs done and a Video almost without any blunders or Slip-ups, in the correct format...all in all a quite good result.
3 More songs to go.


Guitar recordings day 2
Another day of hard work at the Empire Studios has come to an end. Hungi finished four more songs today! And he also learned to take videos in Landscape instead of Portrait ...what a BIG success!!!

30.07. 2019

We’re making progress!!!

Drum recordings are done! Now it’s time for some Six-String action.
Hungi is currently at Rolf Munkes Empire Studios in Bensheim Germany, working on the guitar tracks for the upcoming Album.
Rolf keeps the track, spurs him and makes it sound fantastic!!
And Hungi? He just plays until the fingers bleed.
But don’t worry – He promised us that he has everything under control and that he knows exactly what he’s doing.
....most of the time.


Studio Report

Drums  with Lukas Soland

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